Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the Explore Your Spirit Radio again...

Here is the second Radio Show :)

On this ca. 30 min talk, we talk about my first book, The Turquoise Ripple, and synchronicity, the color turquoise, the ripple effect, opening the heart & the mind, healing, forgiveness and more...

Hope you En-joy :)

Turquoise Ripple with Esra Ustar Oguz

The Turquoise Ripple by Esra Ustar OguzThe Turquoise Ripple is about effortless self-transformation. Esra Ustar Oguz speaks from her heart center and gives many life-changing examples, including those drawn from her own experience. She has observed that the intention to change is the key trigger. Once the intention is set, all we need do is stay aware and allow the transformation. Turquoise means “Turkish” in French. It is a color deeply engraved in Turkish history, culture, and art.
Being a Turkish native, Esra’s intention is that through this book, her call for transcending limitations and embracing change, transformation, and unconditional love may ripple out to the whole world. According to many wisdom traditions, turquoise is about being heart centered and speaking one’s truth. Through its unique energy, this color helps to balance thoughts and emotions, recharge spirits, and open the door to spiritual growth. Since turquoise heightens our intuitive ability and alleviates loneliness, it brings us closer to unity consciousness. As the Superconscious said during Esra’s practice, “You (light workers) will continue to grow in number and come together. The circle will grow bigger, like the ripple created by a pebble thrown in the water. It does not matter where you are in the circle. One vibration will affect the other, this earth, this universe, and others; one pebble is enough.
- See more & listen to the Show at: http://www.exploreyourspirit.com/radio/2013/09/10/turquoise-ripple-with-esra-ustar-oguz/#sthash.RnSQMnCH.ULXMdim5.dpuf

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Amazon Kindle version is now available

The Amazon Kindle version of The Turquoise Ripple is now available at 
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Much love,
Esra Üstar Oğuz

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I was on the Explore Your Spirit Radio Show

The Turquoise Ripple with Esra Ustar Oguz

On this episode of the Explore Your Spirit with Kala Show, Kala chats with Esra Ustar Oguz, author of the upcoming book, The Turquoise Ripple and who lives in Istanbul, Turkey. Esra shares the power of synchronicity and how through her personal journey she has connected with people across the world who have been part of her mind, body, spirit journey including Dolores Cannon and our very own Kala Ambrose. Information on how Esra connected with Kala can also be seen on Esra’s YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF9rXvHf1Lg&feature=player_embedded
Here is the link to the Radio Show:

Esra Ustar Oguz
Esra Ustar Oguz
About Esra Ustar Oguz:
Esra Ustar Oguz is a retired international executive, passionate about change, transformation and growth. Shifting tracks, she became a hypnotherapist and she shares her and her clients’ life-changing journeys in “Unified Consciousness” through her writings and speeches. Following 19 years of corporate life as an international executive in multinational companies (Procter & Gamble for 8 years and Cisco for 11 years), Esra early-retired and started her second life, where she now writes and paints. She practices the world famous Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy of Dolores Cannon and truly loves the unique transformation this technique offers to anyone who trusts the process and takes the step to have a session to go deep within. More information at:http://esraustaroguz.blogspot.com

Thursday, May 24, 2012

I stand tall

Yes, she clearly heard the tree yell at her, “I stand tall.”

This was not the first time that she heard the whispers of the trees. They greeted her always and they shared their stories with grace. One look was enough to get their message for the day–she always felt it intuitively.

One day not long ago, they said, “You belong with us.” Then, she knew why she had always longed for nature, in any form. She knew why her inspiration always comes from nature, as she adores “nature in all its miraculous forms.”

But today was different. She was strolling in the forest and the trees to her right suddenly yelled:

“We stand tall.” She immediately knew that she had to stand tall in life, whatever challange might come her way, anytime. Recently, she had some matters on her mind, but now, she immediately knew she had to stand tall like a tree. She knew that her inner truth had told her what she needed to know, that she was aware and so she was free of judgment. As long as she listened to what her heart whispered, she could not go wrong.

As she walked on, the trees were eager to tell more. They were so willing to share their perennial wisdom. She felt huge respect and love for them, as they were offering the wisdom of Mother Nature to her, so openly.

They said, “We are the spokespeople of Mother Nature.” Such gripping words were these, she was stunned.

“We reach out.” The branches of the trees were leafless on this sunny chilly winter day and they indeed looked like arms reaching out! “How amazing,” she thought, as she felt like hugging all the trees she could see around her. "How warm they are, they want to embrace me, they want to become one with me."

“We are strongly grounded to Gaia,” she heard them go on. Gaia, Mother Earth, was feeding them unconditionally, with no discrimination whatsoever. Whether it was an oak tree, a maple tree, or a wild cherry tree, it was no different for Gaia. Gaia knew in her heart what most humans had totally forgotten, “We are One.” To be grounded and centered in life, we need to remember our Oneness–that we came from the Source, and we will go back to the Source. Like all conscious beings; minerals, rocks, crystals, plants, animals; All.

Another look at the trees and she saw the few remaining dried leaves on the oak tree, which said, “Dear One, also remember that we live and learn the cycle of life, this is another message we have for you today.” "Well," she thought, "indeed they do." With the seasons, each tree learns so much. First there is the flowers in the spring, then the fruit in the summer, and then the slow dieing down in the fall, and finally the letting go in the winter; fully resting, and releasing. What an evolution. What a wise cycle.

She walked on and saw the trees swaying in the wind and the trees said, “Yes, we are very flexible and adaptable. Be it rain, snow or storm, we just go with it.” At that point, she noticed that the roots and the trunks of the trees were mostly not straight, but inclined. “They certainly knew how to fit in and blend in,” she thought–whatever the circumstances were.

At that moment, she approached a denser part of the forest. The trees had more to say, “We stand tall on our own, but also we share the same spirit, together with all Nature Spirits.” She thought about what the great poet Nazim Hikmet had said so brilliantly:

To live! Like a tree alone and free
Like a forest in brotherhood...

So much to learn from the trees, she thought.

... and she thanked the trees with all her heart...
... and promised to listen to them more in the new year...

Jan 5, 2012
Esra Üstar Oğuz