Tuesday, September 10, 2013

On the Explore Your Spirit Radio again...

Here is the second Radio Show :)

On this ca. 30 min talk, we talk about my first book, The Turquoise Ripple, and synchronicity, the color turquoise, the ripple effect, opening the heart & the mind, healing, forgiveness and more...

Hope you En-joy :)

Turquoise Ripple with Esra Ustar Oguz

The Turquoise Ripple by Esra Ustar OguzThe Turquoise Ripple is about effortless self-transformation. Esra Ustar Oguz speaks from her heart center and gives many life-changing examples, including those drawn from her own experience. She has observed that the intention to change is the key trigger. Once the intention is set, all we need do is stay aware and allow the transformation. Turquoise means “Turkish” in French. It is a color deeply engraved in Turkish history, culture, and art.
Being a Turkish native, Esra’s intention is that through this book, her call for transcending limitations and embracing change, transformation, and unconditional love may ripple out to the whole world. According to many wisdom traditions, turquoise is about being heart centered and speaking one’s truth. Through its unique energy, this color helps to balance thoughts and emotions, recharge spirits, and open the door to spiritual growth. Since turquoise heightens our intuitive ability and alleviates loneliness, it brings us closer to unity consciousness. As the Superconscious said during Esra’s practice, “You (light workers) will continue to grow in number and come together. The circle will grow bigger, like the ripple created by a pebble thrown in the water. It does not matter where you are in the circle. One vibration will affect the other, this earth, this universe, and others; one pebble is enough.
- See more & listen to the Show at: http://www.exploreyourspirit.com/radio/2013/09/10/turquoise-ripple-with-esra-ustar-oguz/#sthash.RnSQMnCH.ULXMdim5.dpuf

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